Embarking on a groundbreaking journey, Glasses at Home is redefining eyewear in Northern Ireland by seamlessly blending personalised, in-person care with the convenience of online shopping. We recognise that finding quality eyeglasses at an affordable price shouldn’t be a compromise. That’s why our unique approach bridges the gap between traditional high street opticians and online eyewear companies.

Navigating the Affordable Eyewear Landscape in Northern Ireland

For individuals in Northern Ireland seeking cost-effective eyewear solutions, Glasses at Home offers an unparalleled experience. Our mission is to provide cheap glasses online without compromising quality or service. Let’s explore the steps we’ve taken to make affordable eyeglasses accessible to everyone.

Transparent Online Selection: Begin your journey by exploring our vast selection of high-quality frames available at exceptionally low online prices. Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly browse and choose the perfect frames from the comfort of your home.

Convenient In-Person Consultation: Enjoy the best of both worlds by scheduling a home visit. Our experienced registered optometrists and optical consultants will bring a diverse frame selection based on your preferences. You can choose in person or directly from our website, all while experiencing the personalised care expected from a high street optician.

On-the-Spot Frame Fitting: Ensuring your chosen frames fit perfectly, our experts provide immediate adjustments during the in-person consultation. This ensures optimal comfort and style tailored to your unique preferences.

Precision Measurements for Varifocals: For those requiring varifocals, our professionals consider your typical close-up work environment, body posture, and other factors to guarantee accurate PD measurements and lens alignment. We address the challenges associated with varifocals, providing a solution that combines affordability and expertise.

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