We recommend an OCT Eye Scan as part of your eye examination

OCT Eye Scan

To provide you with the best possible eye care, we utilise cutting-edge technology called the OCT-3D Eye Scanner. This advanced scanner enables us to detect eye diseases at their earliest stages. As part of our comprehensive eye examination, this painless and quick process is conducted on all our patients.

Unlike a regular eye examination where only the top layer of your retina is visible, our 3D OCT eye scanner uses a low-powered light to scan the deeper layers of retinal tissues. It allows us to observe any signs of macular degeneration, diabetes, macular holes, and more in these hidden layers. By detecting these conditions early, we can provide timely treatment options when necessary. The 3D OCT scan is suitable for individuals of all ages, as recommended by your optometrist.

With our state-of-the-art 3D OCT eye scanner, we aim to stay at the forefront of eye care technology and prioritise early detection and intervention. Your eye health is our utmost concern, and we are dedicated to utilising advanced tools to ensure the well-being of your eyes.

Glaucoma Detection & Monitoring

Our OCT scan offers a significant advantage in detecting the early effects of glaucoma compared to standard checks such as visual fields and pressure measurements. By measuring the thickness of nerve fibre layers, we can identify glaucoma-related damage much sooner.

Early diagnosis is crucial in managing glaucoma and preserving your eyesight. Therefore, we highly recommend this test for all patients over 40, regardless of their family history of eye problems. It’s important to note that glaucoma doesn’t cause pain or affect vision in its early stages. Don’t rely solely on how your eyes feel; regular screenings are essential to ensure their well-being. Remember, glaucoma is a manageable condition, and early detection plays a pivotal role in maintaining your sight.

Macular Degeneration

As we age, various health issues arise, some of which can impact our vision. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has long been a devastating condition that affects the elderly, diminishing their ability to read, drive, and recognise the faces of loved ones.

Fortunately, our OCT technology enables us to detect AMD at an early stage, before significant vision loss occurs. With the help of innovative medications, we can effectively halt the progression of AMD.

The OCT scan provides a digital 3D retinal image, creating a permanent record that can be compared to previous and future visits. This allows us to easily identify even subtle changes in the macula. A picture speaks volumes and offers a level of detail that surpasses written descriptions. Therefore, we highly recommend an OCT Scan for all patients at risk of macular degeneration.

By utilising our advanced OCT technology, we can proactively address AMD and work towards preserving your vision. Early detection, combined with appropriate interventions, offers hope and improved outcomes for those affected by this condition.

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Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Definitely recommend.
Sharlene Glean
Sharlene Glean
06:01 06 Mar 24
Amazing experience with my 3 year old daughter! I was really worried that my daughter would be really scared and not let anyone get close to her eyes, but staff was absolutely brilliant in putting her at ease and engaging with her. She was so proud to have her eyes checked afterwards! Thank you for making it such a positive experience for her. 🙂
Janice L
Janice L
09:29 28 Nov 23
We took my daughter for her first eye test and were so pleased with the service. The staff were really friendly and put her at ease. Bobby is a real natural with children and was also very thorough and kept me informed of what was going on throughout. Thank you!
Luke Hasham-Smith
Luke Hasham-Smith
05:45 22 May 22
My mum had an amazing experience here. The staff were incredibly friendly & supportive.
Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer
15:30 28 Apr 22
Amazing staff amazing service my lil one loves her trips to optician she always come out with a massive smile on her face such loving staff i would definitely recommend leith opticians over and over again.10/10always 👌👍🏼
Fantastic service provided by Mini at the Eastcote Branch. She was so knowledgable and helped me find the right glasses for me! Thank you Mini
Shikha Patwal
Shikha Patwal
13:37 13 Dec 18
Fantastic service. They say they take an Holistic approach and it's true! First time I've been to an opticians that genuinely care about me. So big thank you to the opticians and the wonderful staff. I'll be back again for sure!
Sean McAuley
Sean McAuley
11:47 14 Mar 16